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Gas Strut Windows | Pass Through Windows | Motorized Awning Windows

All Windows are not created equal!


Welcome to OPTVUE™, the manufacturer of the THRUVUE™ Pass-Through Window.  Our window picks up where most fall short, literally! We manufacture full height windows without the need for transoms and mullions. Offering single sash sizes (one piece of glass) up to 13'0" x 6'0", no vertical or horizontal obstructions, motorized operation, and maximum window size of 20'0" x 10'0". Our products are engineered and manufactured using the highest quality components to ensure years of trouble-free use.


OPTVUE's team is comprised of industry professionals with dozens of years of experience in the window & door manufacturing industry. Please browse our site to learn more about our capabilities and inquire to see how we can evolve your residential or commercial project.

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